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Beauty 101: Basic Make Up Tips!

Make up brings me so much joy and I love it when my clients come and ask me for top tips. This is a collection of some my favourite top beauty advice, I hope some of these come handy for you too. Eyelash Curlers - nobody seems to use them anymore but they literally make a… Continue reading Beauty 101: Basic Make Up Tips!

Getting Personal!

I Decorated My Beauty Room: In Pictures!

Hey Gorgeous, I recently went all changing rooms on Blake and decided to decorate our beauty room. You'll be really proud of me because I painted the walls, put all the furniture together and I even spray painted the frames... Lawerence Llewenlyn Bowen look out pal! I did have help from my parents in fitting the… Continue reading I Decorated My Beauty Room: In Pictures!

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Snaps From Cardiff Fashion Week 2016!

Fashion : When you think of fashion the opinion is usually divided; some may think of designers as talented artists and some may see them as vain with superficial personas like some stereotypical cartoon character but to me fashion designers are definitely not the latter; they are like visual doctors, sure they're not saving any lives… Continue reading Snaps From Cardiff Fashion Week 2016!

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My Christmas Day… In Pictures

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas Day. Christmas day to me is all about having great food, watching some movies and spending it with my little family. Here are some snaps from Blak'ingham Palace earlier today... Myself and Blake spent the same amount of money on each other so you can… Continue reading My Christmas Day… In Pictures