About Me

Hello Gorgeous! I’m Anthony and I’m from Newport, South Wales. I live in a town called Caerphilly which is just outside Cardiff, I live there with my husband – Blake and our two Chihuahua’s, Sasha Fierce and Leo Vuitton.

I trained as a make up artist at college and I have been working in the beauty industry for the past 4 years, I absolutely love my job.

How I got into blogging… I was working at a previous job at Benefit Cosmetics when I held a bloggers event and at first I was nervous to meet the South Wales Beauty Bloggers as before then I had only heard of bloggers such as Perez Hilton’ but when I got to know everyone, they were all very friendly and I then realised that blogging is just like an extension of social media so I decided I wanted my own corner of the internet too, and I received lots of support from the South Wales blogging community in setting up my own blog.

Using blogging as my platform I love sharing my beauty tips and tricks, I also do a monthly segment of what products I’m currently loving and I also blog about my latest shenanigans.

Thank you for stopping by my blog,


Since starting my blog I’m always extremely excited when it comes to companies getting into contact to review their products or receiving event invitations, so I far I have been invited to the following;

CFW2016/ Luna Amani Fashion Show/ LUSH Cosmetics Bloggers Event/ Pandora Bloggers Event/ IvyPark TopShop Launch/ NYX Bloggers Preview/ SmashBox Cosmetics/ Elle Magazine’s Yves Saint Laurent Event/ Too Faced Cosmetics Preview/ JORD Watches/ Cake Toppers/ Benefit Cosmetics Blogger Brow Collection Launch.

Instagram: @AntGorgeous
Email: AnthonyJamesConnors@hotmail.co.uk