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Our Secret Las Vegas Wedding Revealed!

Hello Gorgeous!

This is going to be one long blog post about my trip to Vegas so as Wendy Williams says “Go grab a snack and come on back”… This maybe interesting for those thinking of visiting Las Vegas or for those of you who want to get married out there too or, if you’re like me you just like to be a bit nosy.

We travelled Saturday 16th September 2017 to Manchester as myself and Blake always book a hotel for the night before we go on holiday as not only is it easier to be closer to the airport but it makes it more exciting and makes our holiday a little longer… This time we traveled up to Manchester two days before flying as I wanted to show Blake around Trafford Shopping Centre and I needed to find some shoes for the big day before we set off – I always leave everything last minute! When we got to Trafford we met the Too Faced Manchester girls for TGI Fridays and we brought Welsh cakes for them as they’ve never heard of them before… hopefully they enjoyed them as much we do here in Wales as they’re lush! After our meal, shopping and finally finding my wedding shoes we went back to the Premier Inn near the Trafford Shopping Centre, we popped on our new comfy PJ’s and had a cheeky toast while watching TV in our room.

The next day Sunday 17th, once we got ready to leave we headed to go have food downstairs at the Premier Inn – We were glad we paid a little extra to have the breakfast buffet as they did unlimited full english, cereal and fresh fruit. I think I just had some beans, egg and mushrooms with fruit as I was trying my best to be good as I needed to fit into my suit so I was gutted I couldn’t take full advantage. After breakfast we checked out and drove to the nearest Asda to stock up on another bottle of Prosecco and some snacks.

We arrived at the Radisson Blu hotel at Manchester Airport and we were so excited because when we got into our room, it was so much more nicer than the one we had at the Premier Inn and Blake was happy because the room over looked the airport so he could use this app on his phone to see where flights were going too or arriving from… to say the least he was in his oils.

Here at the Radisson Blu we used the facilities such as the pool and sauna then when we got back to our room we ordered room service… something we’ve never done together before so we felt really cool. We had an early night as we needed to be up for 3am.

On Monday 18th we headed into the airport, Manchester airport is by far the best airport we’d been too so far and we filled up on snacks and drinks at the executive lounge which was paid for by our friend James as a gift. Because as Blake is over 6 foot he needed extra foot room so we booked Premium Economy for the flight and the Thomas Cook ladies couldn’t do enough for us. We had unlimited alcoholic drinks which I was expecting they’d use house vodka as it was complimentary but it was Grey Goose so Blake and I had a couple during flight and the meal was the standard aeroplane food… does the job. During flight they had a map showing where we were flying over and when we were close to Vegas it showed where “Chihuahua” is in Mexico. 

When we arrived in Vegas I saw the strip from the aeroplane and all I can say is that it looked unreal, I felt like I was looking at a picture as I’ve never seen anything like that in real life before. I was so excited to be there! When we were in the cab on the way to the hotel, myself and Blake were pretending that we have traveled to Vegas before (As I watched a YouTube video and they advised this as Taxi drivers try to rip you off otherwise) but I kept forgetting to keep my cool as every 10 seconds I’d say “OMG look at that Blake!” or “Wow!” so I don’t think I’ll be winning an acting award for that performance.

When we arrived at The Cosmopolitan I couldn’t believe my luck, everything just looked so fancy and grand. We were waiting for no longer than 5 minutes in the queue, the guy at the desk then came up to us and said ‘Follow me this way’ and then checked us in, we both thought this was a lovely approach instead of the usual “NEXT PLEASE!” from the counter.

The man who checked us in informed us that they had upgraded us complimentary as a wedding gift from the hotel, we were so excited!

 When we got to our room we were literally jumping up and down, taking snaps and video’ing our room. We thought Raddison Blu was nice but this room was insane and we couldn’t get a better view anywhere else.

We unpacked our suitcase then we made our way downtown in Las Vegas as we needed to collect our marriage license, here we presented our passports plus the online registration that we completed before our trip (This fast tracks getting your license so make sure you do this if you’re getting married in Vegas). We were there for about 5 minutes maximum so it was super easy to collecting it. Downtown Vegas was quite intimidating as soon we arrived in the taxi a man asked us if we wanted to buy any drugs and this was in day light! We managed to find a taxi and returned to the hotel. That evening we had our first Taco Bell (I loved it – Blake didn’t) and I spent a small fortune in Sephora, Lush, Bath & Body.

While I was sat on the bed I looked out to the strip and the view was incredible in the dark. That night I couldn’t sleep due to jet lag and excitement. I woke up at 6am and watched the sunset rise while sat on the balcony. 

The next day Tuesday 19th we classed it as my birthday as I was away for my actual birthday with work so we walked down the strip discovering the beautiful Venetian hotel, The Wyn and we headed to the Fashion Mall. We had a Mc Donalds breakfast and it was much nicer than the breakfast we do but properly really naughty at the same time.

I had some money from Blake for my birthday plus spending money that I had saved so I wanted to get something very special so I decided on the Louis Vuitton Classic Speedy Monogram 40 bag, however this bag is quite rare so when we asked in one of the stores they said they only had 2 in the whole of Vegas so we went on a hunt to find one! We finally found one in the Fashion Mall, the Louis Vuitton sales assistant was super cute – she kept trying to up sell everything to me but I wasn’t having any of it but she did do good trying.

After our shopping we headed to the Sugar Factory Kylie Jenner’s favourite hang out in Vegas as she’s always pictured there. We felt like mini celebs being sat in there especially with our shopping bags. Me and Blake had a cocktail each and I had cheesy fries, the total bill came to around 120 dollars… But it was worth it as it was my favourite place in Vegas and it was my birthday treat. On the way back to our hotel, I treated myself to a new Christian Louboutin wallet and we went halves on some dog toys for the babies. To finish off the night we went on the High Roller (like the London Eye) it was so romantic looking over the whole of Vegas at night and we then had a meal in Planet Hollywood. It was the best fake birthday I’ve ever had.

THE BIG DAY Wednesday 20th – I knew I was going to be stressed so I got up extra early to get ready however I was still worried about how my make up looked, I wasn’t completely happy with it but it was too late, I had about ten minutes to finish everything before the Limo was arriving. Blake realised as he was putting on his shoes he didn’t have any long black socks with him either so he was stressed too.


However by a stroke of luck, we were on our way down to the Limo when we passed a souvenir shop, they’d never sell a pair of plain black socks but ones that say “Viva Las Vegas” would be better than nothing… However they had a plain black pair in Blake’s 12 size feet! Could you imagine the photos with no socks so he put them on while on the way to the Chapel.

When we got there we felt like celebrities as soon as we got out of the limo we had 2 photographers taking snaps of us walking into the chapel.. we hadn’t even met them yet. 
When we got inside the minister asked us lots of questions and my favourite one was “Anthony, what is your best side for the camera?” These were my kind of people. 
The wedding was streamed online for our close family and friends to watch, my mum held a mini party at her house with my siblings to all watch on the TV. When we got back to the hotel, we took some last selfies then changed into our holiday clothes.

After speaking to our families and friends, I then posted it on social media. All I can say is after that it was like a media frenzy. Some people thought it was a publicity stunt others were posting status’s wishing us all the best. My Instagram that week hit over 50k impressions, the most I’ve had in one week.

We went out for food at the Cheese Cake Factory although people rave about it, we thought it was okay. 
In the night we went to see Celine Dion, it was her 1051th show at Ceasar’s Palace – it was insane, it was such an emotional show for lots of reasons. Our wedding song was “Because You Loved Me” and Celine sang songs such as “Show Must Go On” which had been an anthem for me during 2017.

On Thursday 21st we went back to the Chapel to pick up our wedding photographs, we were really impressed how good they looked. After this we then got a taxi to one of the Outlet’s where they sell Ralph Lauren, Burberry and other designers. However we spent no longer than an hour here and found it was a waste of journey as the prices weren’t any different to the UK, we’ve heard people say in the past that America is really good for designers but we were disappointed with the outlet. Also while we were here the winds were so bad that it really messed up my hair and this lady shouted at me “Didn’t you put any hair sprayed in your hair today?” I was gobsmacked while Blake couldn’t stop laughing and repeating her with an American accent, I was mortified.

When we got back to the strip we decided to walk the opposite side that we normally went down. We walked towards the Cocoa Cola factory when this man said “I’m trying to make it, can I give you one of my CDs” Blake said no thank you but I thought I’d give him the time of day so I took it off him then he said “Let me sign it for you” then asked me for some money and at this point I just wanted to get out of the situation as he was really intimidating, when I refused he shouting abuse at us calling us different curse words. I was really shook up, this is America and people carry guns! We finally got to the Cocoa Cola factory which had lots of Coke Merch and we got to try all the different Cola flavours from the world, this was good to keep my mind off what just happened as I was still really shook up. Some of the Coke tasted really good like Pineapple and Melon flavoured where as some tasted like drinking perfume!

The next day Friday 22nd we fancied Breakfast at Denny’s, however when we got there the quene went on for miles so we decided against it.
We visited Madame Tussauds, we managed to get $10 dollars each ticket as they were giving out on the street. It took us about 30 minutes to complete the tour and it was fun seeing the different wax works. Some were so realistic such as the Tupac one.

In the evening we decided to go to Fremont Street, there was a festival going on that night and there were a lot of rowdy people around. I felt super anxious so after about 20 minutes of being there we jumped into a taxi to the Wynn hotel.

We decided to put in $20 dollars in one of the slot machines but I was so gutted when we lost, I don’t know how people can part with their money. So if you’re going to Vegas and you don’t like gambling, that’s no problem as we don’t either but that’s okay as Vegas has a lot more to offer than just gambling.

That night we discovered Godiva which sold fresh chocolate and strawberries, if you go to Vegas you need to try these – we went back there about 3 times during our trip.

By Saturday 23rd we were so tired of walking around we decided to eat breakfast at the hotel and then we chilled out by the pool most of the day.

In the evening we crossed the road from our hotel and picked up some alcohol for pre drinks. Blake had some cans and I bought a bottle of Moet. We also discovered Panda Express before heading back to the hotel. You need to try out their food, it was the best in Vegas. I used some of my Lush bubble bar and drank Moet in the bath while slowly getting ready for the Michael Jackson show. I didn’t want to leave Vegas ever at this point, I’m not used to this kind of luxury back home.

When we got to the Mandalay Bay hotel, it was Michael Jackson fan heaven, I’m not going to explain too much as it will spoil it for those who maybe going but for example they had his glittery socks from when he did Moonwalk during the Billie Jean performance. They’re iconic and I couldn’t believe I was looking at those exact socks! The show was incredible, in fact I was surprised how amazing it was, I cried, laughed and danced through out the performance. If you like Michael Jackson this is the show in Vegas you need to see. Sadly just days after visit Mandalay Bay they experienced the worst shooting in US history. I was so sad to hear this when I got home.


After the show we grabbed a taxi and headed to the Ceasar’s Palace shopping forum to do some late night shopping, while we were in the taxi our driver informed us that the “I heart Radio” festival was going on at the stadium next us. The thing with Vegas there’s always something going on and “I heart Radio” festival is so famous, the likes of the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus was in town that night just to be there. Blake treated himself to some Giuseppe Zanotti trainers at the shopping forum, he had been eyeing them up all week long so I was happy to see him treat himself. 
That night we had some Krispy Kreme donuts which were freshly made, they were so cheap compared to the UK costing around just $1 each.


Sunday 24th was our official full last day in Vegas. I felt so depressed having to get our suitcases ready for the next day, I really didn’t want to leave. I still had quite a few dollars left so we went shopping again. We managed to get a table at Denny’s although we didn’t think it was as great as people rave about but we’re glad we were able to experience it.

I spent my last few dollars in Sephora and on a new Burberry scarf, the scarf was around £100 cheaper than the UK which didn’t make sense as Burberry is a British designer. I’ve always wanted a Burberry scarf so it made me feel better knowing I was going back to rainy Wales. That night we went to the Titanic exhibition at Luxor, we booked tickets with one of the booths on the strip and this helped us save around $20. It was really interesting and they had actual items brought up from the Titanic including some of the ship. It was insane to think we were actually looking at the real titanic.

Before we left our hotel the next day we ordered breakfast through room service, it was the best Egg’s Benedict I’ve ever had and it was a nice finishing touch to Las Vegas. If you’re thinking of going to Vegas, I say DO IT! I didn’t know what to expect but it’s true what they say, it’s like Disney Land but for adults.


Viva Las Vegas!