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Lipstick 101: How To Find THE Perfect Lipstick Shade.


Women say all the time they can’t find that one lipstick that they can wear everyday and that they still haven’t found that “Mr Right” in lipstick so here are some tips that I’ve learnt over the past few years of working on a make up counter and hope they can give you some guidance in finding your perfect lipstick match!

💄 Choosing the right texture for you, if you like a sheer glossy lipstick this will hydrate the lips more than matte, creamy matte lipsticks have no shine and most matte lipsticks are more drying on the lips. If you suffer from dry lips then apply some lip scrub before you use a matte lipstick as this will help it look and feel better.

💄 Avoid anything that you may love right now but keep in the draw for the next couple of years. For an everyday lipstick go for the option that make you feel confident rather than the daring option as you know you won’t be too scared to keep wearing the slightly boring one, day in day out.

💄 Always wear a matching lipliner with your lipstick.

💄 If you want to diffuse the size of your lips and take the attention from them to make the lips appear smaller then opt for a darker matte tone.

💄 If you want to make the appearance of your lips more plump then use a more brighter glossy lipstick drawing attention to your lips and don’t forget to use a lipliner to create a fuller lip. Top tip: Apply a little bit of white concealer/liner on your Cupid’s bow to contour the shape.

💄 Finding a lipstick to suit your skin tone –
Fair skin: ideal shades for you are light pink, coral, peach, nudes and beiges.
Medium skin: mauve, rose and berry shades.
Tan skin: I love corals and deep pinks with tanned skin, they’re the perfect holiday colours.
Deep skin: purples, browns and wine shades are gorgeous on ladies of colour.

💄 Reds don’t have to be just for a Saturday night, if you use the tiniest amount of red lipstick with a lip brush, it can make your lips look plump and will leave you with a more tinted, natural, brighter and healthier make up look.

💄 If you currently have a glossy lipstick and feel it’s too sticky or shiny, apply some translucent powder on top and it will turn the glossy lipstick into a matte shade.

💄 If you’re conscious of your teeth looking yellow, go for a lipstick with a blue undertone as it will make the whites of your teeth and eyes appear more white.

💄 For the age conscious ladies, grab a brighter and lighter lipstick as darker shades can make you feel or look more mature.

💄 A quick way of working out if a lipstick will suit you or not, is to stand in front of the camera and hold the lipstick shade up to your lips, this should give you idea what it will look like when applied on the lips.

💄 If your everyday lipstick is the colour black then rock it, make up has no rules only guides – so you rock it girlfriend! Dare to be you.

I Hope you’ve found some of these quick tips helpful and if there’s anything I’ve missed then please pop it in the comment section below.




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