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Beauty 101: Basic Make Up Tips!


Make up brings me so much joy and I love it when my clients come and ask me for top tips. This is a collection of some my favourite top beauty advice, I hope some of these come handy for you too.


Eyelash Curlers – nobody seems to use them anymore but they literally make a massive impact on how your mascara looks, it’s time to dig out those curlers ladies and transform your gorgeous lashes. You won’t regret it!

Nail Vanish – If your nail vanish is drying up, add a few drops of nail vanish remover to dilute the formulae. You should get more use out of your vanishes using this trick. This is a tip I learnt way back when I was in college, it’s a great tip.


Oily Skin? – Does your skin get oily during the day even when wearing a matte foundation? As crazy as it sounds try and put a face powder underneath the matte foundation it should stop your skin getting oily during the day for even longer, this is a trick I love using on my T zone. In my opinion this is the only time you should ever put liquid on top of powder. When I first heard it, it was on a Pixiwoo video and I thought they were bonkers, I then tried it myself and it works!

Clean Your Brushes Once A Week! Clean your make up brushes once a week to avoid bacteria build up this -this will also will prevent break outs.

Under Eye Creasing – If your under eye creases then use a translucent loose powder with a fluffy eyeshadow brush to buff it into the under eye area, if you don’t have a good eyeshadow blending brush then use a wet sponge blender. Also you can apply the excess powder left over to the eye lids to stop your eyeshadow from creasing.


Want Bigger Lips? – If you want to make your lips bigger, take a leaf out of Kylie Jenner’s book and over draw your lips with lip liner, my top favourites for this are Grege by Dior and Whirl by Mac.

Creating The Brow – When creating the perfect brow use a light concealer underneath. I use Dior’s Star Concealer in shade 01 that way the applicator literally glides the concealer underneath the brow creating a sharp line for me to go in with my brow product. Not only does this give you a guide to get the perfect shape but because it’s a few shades lighter, it really lifts the brow giving a highlight effect too.

Dark Under Eyes? – If you have dark under eye circles the worse thing you can do is apply dark make up on the bottom lashes, just stick to applying mascara and liner to the top that way you won’t be adding any more darkness in that area.

Eye Bright – Use a light coloured eyeliner in your waterline, it make your eyes brighter and bigger. I love really love this look.

You Don’t Need A Million Brushes – There’s no need to have a brush collection of more than 5 brushes. The best eye make up is created by using your fingers and a good blending brush. The most important brush in my opinion is for your foundation and I always put my foundation straight onto my brush rather than using my hands, that way you don’t loose any excess product.

Primers Aren’t Always Needed – Primers are sometimes unnecessary especially if your foundation is a longer lasting one and you use great skin care underneath. The purpose of primers is to prolong the wear of your foundation and also help it glide onto your skin effortlessly but if you use products that already do that for you then you may not need a primer too.

You Get What You Pay For! – You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to make up, you may think ‘Why should I pay £35 for a foundation when I can buy one for £1?’ Well there’s a difference in buying a 99p cheese burger at Mc Donald’s compared to a £35 burger at Miller and Carter, the ingredients are most different in quality and if you’re willing to pay £35 for a top at River Island and only wear it on a night out once then surely you can pay £35 for something that people will see every day for 3 months. Invest in your skin especially products that contain SPF.

If you have any top tips of your own please share them in the comments section 🙂

Lots of love,



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