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JORD Watches: Review/Contest!

I was very lucky to be approached by JORD watches to choose my very own luxury watch and the tough question was – which gorgeous watch do I choose? I browsed their website and I loved a lot of the designs but I finally decided on the Zebrawood Frankie Series in Navy as I love the simplicity and smartness of the design. I was so excited I could have one that I would have bought myself.


I thought it was cool that whenever someone orders a watch from JORD they send over a PDF file which when printed and cut out it’s a paper measuring tape so they can bespoke the watch to fit your wrist size, when I received the watch it fitted perfectly although it did include extra wrist links so I have the option to take away and add any if I wanted to in the future. I thought this was an impressive start of a purchase transaction as when I’ve ordered watches before they’ve never had any service like this.

Delivery on all watches are free and mine took just over a week to arrive from the US, me and Blake were impressed when it came as the JORD watch didn’t come in a standard cardboard/leather box that you’d normally receive from a luxury watch brand but instead it came in a giant wooden box which has a built in little draw/compartment so you could properly use it as a mini jewellery box on your dressing table.


When I took my watch out I was really chuffed as I think it looks even better in real life! I couldn’t wait to show it off to all my friends and family as it’s so unique. I love the idea of Jord watches too as being a Make Up Artist I’m constantly using hand sanitisers and brush cleansers which would properly affect my watch if it was a certain steel or metal like most regular watches but Jord watches are made from wood so not only does it look unique but for me, its practical too.

AntCouture readers can WIN an exclusive code to get your own Jord watch, all you have to do is enter your name and email address on my exclusive contest page, you’ve got to be in it to win it! –

For prices and more about my Jord Zebrawood Frankie Series watch:

Other Male JORD watches:

Other Female JORD watches:
Although this blog post was sponsored by JORD watches, all opinions are honest.

Luxury Wood Watch


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