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Snaps From Cardiff Fashion Week 2016!


Fashion : When you think of fashion the opinion is usually divided; some may think of designers as talented artists and some may see them as vain with superficial personas like some stereotypical cartoon character but to me fashion designers are definitely not the latter; they are like visual doctors, sure they’re not saving any lives but they have to know how the human body works, how the body moves and also they have to create something to make the person who’s wearing it feel at their absolute best – like medicine. I would imagine it’s an incredibly difficult job, it’s definitely a gift to make someone feel great about themselves.

Whatever you think of fashion you can’t claim it’s pointless as it’s the wedding dress that makes the Bride feel like a million pound, it’s the uniform that gives the solider the confidence to face battle and it’s the very thing that keeps us warm when it’s cold. As a make up artist I’ve always thought there’s a lot of similarities in fashion and make up, with make up you follow the facial structure to create the sharp look just like fashion when you use a sewing pattern, you follow the structure to make the perfect piece. I always tell my customers to match their blusher with lipstick as it’s like matching your hand bag with your shoes, it becomes a look.

Without fashion, there’s no fantasy.

I’ve never been to Cardiff Fashion Week before and about a month ago I received an email from a lovely lady named Lowri who invited me to the event and also the Blogger’s Preview, however I couldn’t make the Preview Event as I was away with work but I was excited to be at attending the Cardiff Fashion Week main event as I adore fashion…

Here are some of my snaps;

I was wearing a see through vintage lace shirt to CFW so a mini bottle of Moet before leaving the house was definitely a good choice!
Make up: Forever 021, Brow Styler 002, Rosie Glow, It Lash and Lip Glow.
Lots of local clothing companies were also at the event.
The event was hosted at the Masonic Hall, Cardiff.


Different welsh fashion retailers were there such House Of Frazer and Peacocks.
Front Row Fashion: I wore Dior SS16 Sunglasses, White Lace Vintage Shirt from Vintage Reclaimed, Louis Vuitton Pouch 26 and my ‘Ant Couture’ wood watch from Jord Luxury Watches.


Me and Laura doing our best Eddie and Patsy impression as we were sat in front row.


Side note: This package also arrived on the day of CFW. It was a gorgeous package by which is owned by my friend Clare Morgan, me and Blake love her home products – check out her website for all things cosy!

Until next time, thank you for reading my blog;



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