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My Interview with THE CSI Girls!

Hey Gorgeous!

I will be posting a series of blog posts interviewing some of my most favourite South Wales bloggers each week. I want to get to know how beauty is personal to them and I want the absolute goss from the people who have tried almost every product on the market without being afraid to be honest. I absolutely love beauty so it’s the perfect excuse for me to chat about make up & skincare, plus I love being a bit nosey – I’m always looking through my friends make up bags to see what gems they have or what beauty secrets they can spill. So you can tell why I’m so excited to be nattering to these fabulous people, i’m in my oils to say the least.

This week I will be interviewing my favourite blogging duo The CSI Girls Laura and Mia, I’ve met the girls at a couple of events and they’re so genuinely sweet, I couldn’t wait to find out what they had to say…

Girls I’m so excited to be interviewing you and thank you for agreeing to chat to me about anything and everything about beauty. How are you both?

M: Thanks so much for asking us! As you know we always love a good chat! I’m really good thanks!

L: Yes we love popping in store for a chat with you so this is even better! I’m excited to get chatting about make up!

Aww you’re too sweet! So I’m just going to jump straight into it and ask you when you’re getting ready, what products are you currently reaching for?

L: Currently I’ve been trying out new eyeshadow colours in warmer shades, so the Morphe Copper Spice palette and the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, I also love the Dior Forever foundation for full coverage but it doesn’t look too heavy.

M: I’m really loving my Urban Decay all nighter foundation, Nars Creamy Conclearer (total holy grail item there!) and Nyx brow gel at the moment

Well done on mentioning Dior Forever Laura [Ant laughes] … Do you girls have any make up regrets? Like do you look back at any old photos and think “Crikey Moses, what the blinking hell was I thinking?!”.

M: Definitely lack of eye brows!! Where I’m fair in old photos I basically have no eyebrows, ha!

L: Haha I knew Mia would say eyebrows! I’m the same, my brows are dark but my skin is so pale they look really sparse! Plus my winged liner was awful!

Haha, eyebrows have come such a long way in recent years – mine were awful too! When it comes to make up styles, I think the reason you guys work so well together is that you both have unique make up looks like Laura you have that classic glamorous style with glittery gold and brown shadows matched with red lips then Mia you have this rock chick vibe with more deeper tones, obviously you guys switch it up all the time but I guess that’s why girls love your advice because you both bring totally different styles to the table. Even though you both have different tastes, do you ever steal each other’s make up?

M: I love that you know us so well! We do our make up different but have so many of the same products it’s why we started to blog together as we both have the same things! Saying that if one of us doesn’t have something the other does we totally steal it! If we’re going for a night out and getting ready together we always bring products we know the other doesn’t have so we can test them out!

L: I love that you pay so much attention to the details! And we obviously steal each other’s make up all the time, the best part is trying out new colours and products for new looks, that’s the fun of it!

Yass! I love that, have you got your eyes on any brands that you haven’t tried yet or any products that you’re itching to get your hands on?

M: I haven’t tried any Tarte products yet and the Tarteist pro palette looks amazing! I really want an amazing deep red eyeshadow too but can’t find the right tone.

L: I was also going to say Tarte as I’ve been browsing their site today, but I think number 1 for me at the moment has to be Charlotte Tilbury. Those lipsticks!

Oh My Gee that tart palette does look incredible! I’ve spent way too much on make up recently I think I need to freeze my card in the freezer, I seen that a meme online somewhere and I need to seriously do it. So girls, what’s one make up trick or technique that has literally changed your life?

L: Blending is the biggest lesson I’ve learned, I never used to blend enough and now I’ve had more practice I know what brushes will work for me. Also using a nude liner on you waterline is the best tip for making you look more awake!

M: Good brushes. As a teenager I didn’t really have many brushes but expanding my collection (yes to a ridiculous amount!) and keeping them clean makes such a different to application, also finding the brush that works for you. It doesn’t matter if it says blush and you use it for foundation!

Mia you have SO many brushes I think I saw one of your pics on Instagram before you literally have more than Boots [Ant Laughs] you’d both be mortified that I could literally survive if I only had like 3/4 brushes but then I don’t really use that much eyeshadow. If you could bring back one discontinued product back from the dead, what would it be?

M: The liz earle healthy glow bronzer. They’ve changed it now and it’s not the same. It was my first expensive bronzer and perfect for my pale skin or Urban Decay Catfight lipstick. It’s an amazing colour I’m trying not to use now!

L: For me it’s Benefit’s Bella Bamba blush, such a pretty pink shade and i didn’t get chance to stock up!

Awww I remember Bella Bamba! It reminded me of Barbie so much, I think it was the pink packaging – I would bring back Mid Night Poison as I literally get asked all the time about that fragrance, I feel like if I brought it back i’d get an OBE for a service to the general public. Okay so if you’re both getting ready for a night on the town, who takes the longest to get ready? 

L: I think we’re both equal, it depends if I need help with my hair because Mia is so good at doing it but it takes me ages on my own! Whoever is ready first goes and makes the next drink anyway!

M: oooo tough one. I reckon probably me, if we’re going out and we can we like to take our time getting ready over a few drinks and gossiping!

I love having a natter while getting ready too, it’s the best! Mariah Carey recently brought out a make up collection with a very well known brand and I instantly thought ‘if I had my own make up brand, packaging wise it would literally look just like this!’ If you both brought out your own collection, who would you like to collaborate with and what it look like?

M: I’d love to collaborate with Emma Stone (or her make up artisit!) as her make up always looks amazing! I think I’d have to go quite classic with packaging maybe black but with the brand in gold glitter or something. I love the bottle style of Urban Decay all nighter though. Maybe the colab’ could be with them and Emma Stone as I love the packaging they do!

L: This is tough! I would choose monochrome and metallics too because I like fairly simple packaging, I’d do a collaboration with someone like Jennifer Lawrence, mainly because she seems to be a lot of fun and I think we’d get along!

Thank you for your company girls, I’ve absolutely loved chatting to you – You’ve inspired me to dig out some of my brushes and put them to use! I’ll also be checking out some your recommendations too.

L+M: Thank you for having us!

Check the girls out at WWW.THECSIGIRLS.CO.UK or follow them on Instagram @TheCsiGirls


One thought on “My Interview with THE CSI Girls!

  1. Thanks for having us Ant. We’ll be popping in to see you soon! You reminded me how much I love Poison Girl by mentioning mid night poison! M xx


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