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Last Minute Gift Ideas/Perfect Stocking Fillers!

These are some of my gift ideas/perfect stocking filler ideas, I haven’t been asked/paid to talk about them so they’re my hand on heart honest opinion. This article also includes JORD watches who I have collaborated with in the past but that didn’t influence my recommendation in any way.


Glam Glow Masks (£39, Debenhams) – Since Debenhams Cardiff have become a flag ship store there’s a lot of exciting trending products that have popped up in store such as Sugafina who are a confectionary brand that all celebs such as Justin Bieber and Kimye are snacking on and I was also excited to see that Glam Glow has arrived in Cardiff. Glam Glow are everywhere on social media at the moment and I was given some samples of their Youth Mud, it literally feels like botox on the skin. I also use Dior’s Jelly Sleeping Mask after I wash it off as they both work amazing together. Luxury beauty masks are the perfect treat to anyone’s Christmas this year.

JORD Wood Watches ( – After Wood Watch sent me a watch a few months back (Check out my review on my main page) I haven’t stopped wearing it and I get compliments when I’m out and about, I think its because it looks so unique with it being made of wood.

Dior’s Dream Skin Cushion (£62 or £30 for refill, Debenhams Cardiff) – Compact Cushions are trending so much in the beauty industry at the moment and Dior’s offering is the best in my humble opinion. It’s inspired by Korean’s skincare, it’s kinda like a serum, moisturiser, primer, SPF 50 and BB cream all in one. It colour adapts on the skin too so you won’t have to worry about getting the shade too wrong as most light skin tones will be 010, medium 020 and deeper tones would be 030. As it’s 90% skincare your skin will forgive you if you happen to forget to wash your make up off before you go to bed so you can literally wake up looking as flawless as you did while kissing under the mistle toe the night before! It includes two refills and it’s the perfect make up tool for girls on the go as you can literally pop it on during your train journey to work, I’ve got a feeling cushion foundations will be massive in 2017 – quote me on that one!

Candy Kittens (Topshop) – Christmas isn’t Christmas without some sweets and I love Candy Kittens which is a confectionary gourmet company set up by Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing. Check out the Sour Watermelon, not only do they taste define but they’re also  completely natural and suitable for those who are gluten free.

Zeek GiftCards ( – Zeek is a fantastic website that I have used in the past, it may not be ideal as a gift idea but for yourself, you can buy and sell unwanted gift cards so with coming January coming up, its the perfect time to get yourself a cheeky bargain or sell that unwanted gift card for cash. I’ve purchased a few gift cards on there which saved me quite a bit and I did have a faulty TopMan card which wouldn’t work online  and Zeek refunded me straight away so I highly recommend using their service.

Sticky 9 Instagram Prints ( – I LOVE sticky 9, I use their website to print out my instagram pictures and the quality is so high spec! They do some great gifts ideas too such as bespoke frames with 9 instagram pictures of your choice or my favourite is the ultimate coffee table book with all your Insta’ snaps so you can literally have your very own selfie book, move over Kim!

Disaronno (£10, Asda) – Another gift for yourself this year has to be a bottle of Disaronno, my ultimate Christmas tipple is Cranberry juice with Disaronno honestly don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, it’s the best Christmas drink ever. Also every year Disaronno collaborate with a different designer so I decided to collect both previous designers Moschino and Versace bottles but one man’s treasure is another man’s trash so unfortunately Blake throw out the two empty bottles thinking I had just left them in the cupboard, this year’s designer is Etro.

Have a fabulous Chrimbo,



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