Adopt A Chihuahua This Christmas! (Featuring Dogs Trust)


Last Christmas myself and Blake were tagged in a Facebook advert about a Chihuahua that was extremely thin and nervous looking for a new home, the male Chihuahua looked just like our Sasha, we decided to go and meet this poor little chap. Needless to say we took him home using most of our Christmas money and boy was it worth it every penny. Leo is now a confident doggy who enjoys the finer things in life and life wouldn’t be quite the same without him now. Because of Leo’s past he needed extra care and attention, he was given special medication treatment by our Vet to get of worms as he had a badly swollen belly, he was at first very nervous and jumpy, he was also very needy and always scared of certain noises, he also had thin fur which was due to a bad diet and later on had surgery to get rid of teeth that were causing irritation but all of this extra care had to be taken seriously; if you are thinking of giving a dog a new home then please be serious as this is a living beings life that you’re about to change, they also may need extra care like our Leo and the famous saying goes “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas!” so please remember this.

Dog Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK ( and on their website you can find many different canine breeds to sponsor or even rehome, however today I will be featuring Chihuahuas for this article as many of my readers from Instagram are most likely Chihuahua lovers due to the hashtags that I use when I upload pictures of my dogs but all dogs are beautiful of course, and if Chihuahua’s are not your thing then use the search bar on their website to find many other gorgeous breeds.

Why do they need your help? With more than 1,400 stray and abandoned dogs in Dog Trust’s care at any one time, they really do need your help. They receive no government funding and are totally dependent on the generosity of the public.

Thinking of sponsoring a dog? You’ll get a best friend for life because when you decide to sponsor a dog you’ll receive three updates a year from your chum and a sponsorship pack, including a special photo certificate of your new pal, a wallet-sized sponsor’s card, a window sticker and fridge magnet. Or why not sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else? It would make a fabulous gift for a dog loving friend.



Itsy is an exciteable little chap who loves to run! He loves to play fetch and after his exercise he loves to curl up and have a snooze!
Itsy can live with children who are 16 years old or over and needs his own secure to practice his training in. Itsy is ok with some dogs but may need careful, slow introductions & may benefit from being the only dog in the home. Itsy needs a calm, quiet home who are willing to take there time letting him come out his shell and who are aware he is not a lap dog. Someone who has previous experience of owning dogs like him before would also help him settle.



Meet our little charlie! Saying he’s full of character is right! He’s a small chap with a big personality. He loves to let everyone know when it’s his turn to go out for a walk and trots around on the end of the lead like he’s on the cat walk.
Charlie is looking for a home with older teenagers and where he will be the only pet. He’s got a lot of love to give and once he gets over his initial worry around new people he really shows himself off.



Scooby is an amazing cute little 2 year old Chihuahua. He is a very shy boy that will need some time to get to know his new owners. Scooby loves his treats which is great for training and loves to play especially with his tennis ball. Scooby is looking for a home with very understanding owners who are willing to visit the centre several times to build up a bond. He is a very nervous boy so will need an adult only home and be the only pet as he like to be the centre of attention. Although he needs to be the only pet he would like to have a few doggy friends out and about.

If you are from the Cardiff area like myself, the Dogs Trust have a charity shop in Cowbridge

Until next time, see you soon!



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