10 Ways To Spice Up Your Christmas!

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Here are 10 suggestions on how to spice up your life!  spice up your Christmas this year! Just a few ideas that are recommended by myself as to me Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them, hope you enjoy them.


Candles: Any excuse to light a candle is a great excuse in my case as I love the comfy feel of lit candles around the house and if it has a Christmas scent too then its even better.

Great Taste:

Ditch the diet! There’s a time for soggy salads and protein shakes and Christmas ain’t it. Instead opt for the tinned chocolates, home made soup, mulled wine, oh and different flavoured cheese with crackers, because Christmas simply wouldn’t be the same without Wensleydale and Cranberry Cheese!

Christmas Tunes:

Music always sets the scene for any occasion and I especially love listening to upbeat Christmas tunes like ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and ‘My Only Wish This Year’. Do it in style this year with these vinyl record players from Urban Outfitters, they’re perfect for Instagram snaps. (Non Sponsored)

Fashion Accessories:

I really love Christmas jumpers, wooly hats and scarves, chunky socks but I draw the line at Ugg Boots. I love Uggs as slippers although to me they never quite look right outside the house but Ugg wearers, don’t listen to me if you like wearing something you rock it girlfriend! This is a picture from a few years ago of me and Blake in our Christmas jumpers (above) and this gorgeous tartan scarf from Gucci is literally perfect, I just really love being wrapped in cosy winter wear.

Bubble Baths!:

I love hot bubble baths in the freezing winter months; bubble baths are even more indulging with Lush bath bombs, a glass of Prosecco and candles.

Do one kind gesture a day!

Christmas is a time for giving so set your self the goal of make a difference to someone’s day, it doesn’t even have to cost any money, it could even be complimenting someone on how they look, going out of your way to help someone or even give a homeless person a cup of a hot drink.

Throws/Blanket Days:

 Embrace the cold by turning down the heating so you can enjoy snuggling with a blanket even more.

Christmas Movies!:

Christmas Themed Outings:

Days off at Winter Wonderland, Christmas Markets and Pantomimes are definitely a must over the holiday season.

And finally, what Christmas is really all about: 

Family: Christmas is a celebration of Love so make sure you find time in all the busy husle and bustle to share it with the people that matter the most; your family and friends.

Hope You Have A Very Merry Christmas,



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