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Are psychics real? My past experience:


Recently YouTube Vloggers (Video Bloggers) have gone into a little bit of a frenzy after Donald Trump won the election over Hilary Clinton but not for the obvious reason; the reason being that the most popular psychic guru’s on YouTube ‘The Psychic Twins’ predicted that Hilary would most definitely win over Donald. They currently now have a lot of people claiming that they’re frauds and allegedly, that they make a lot of their claims up. I personally have never believed in what the Psychic twins ever claimed and wasn’t surprised they got such a bold prediction wrong either.

Now here’s the questions; do you believe in psychics?

I personally do believe in the after life and I think our brains are more advanced than we use them for. I was also raised believing in the after life as my father died when I was 18 months old and I think it is comforting to my family to think he could very well still be with us.

I do believe there’s things that happen in our universe that not even Scientists can explain but I also know that there are bad people out there that exploit vunerable people by telling them information by what’s known as ‘cold calling’ and actually don’t have any gift at all.

Now there’s two types of psychics; one that claim to tell the future and one that claim that they can talk to the afterlife. So I thought as a blog idea I would reveal what a Psychic said to me a few years back and if any of it has come true so far.

I’ll set the scene, I was 20 years old and I was currently living with my now ex partner, he was my first partner and I was currently working at Asda as a checkout boy. One day when finishing my shift my two friends Natalie and Justine were off to see a psychic and I was so intrigued by the idea that a Psychic could possibly tell me where my life would go so I asked them to ring her up last minute and see if she could fit me in too! The Psychic lady agreed that it was fine and I think it was about a half hour/hour slot, I remember being skeptic and thinking that it was good that I had booked last minute without giving my name as she wouldn’t be able to do any googling or searching for family history. When it finished I did go away feeling like she was the real deal but since then, what has come true? During the reading my one friend wrote down bulletin points while the Psychic was reading my cards so I could remember them, they didn’t get to write all the claims but most of them so that’s what I’ll be using today, I’m not going to name the Psychic or give out her information for privacy reasons.

Have you been feeling sick lately? 
This is something that never made sense to me, now and then. 
You will visit the Tower Of London.
This was incorrect, I’ve never visited the Tower Of London and properly wouldn’t want too in the future either.
Someone will own a club or pub.
Nope, I still don’t know anyone that’s close to me that owns a club or pub.
Someone Singing.
My mum is forever singing on the karaoke and I grew up singing.
Initials C + A
I only know one person with those initials and that’s me. 
Someone will feel imprisoned but doors are opening.
This makes slight sense as I was living with my ex partner and towards the end of the relationship that is how I felt.
Troubles with ear.
No idea.
Don’t be too soft or sensitive.
I think any person could predict that I’m a softly spoken sensitive person, I’m not exactly Phil Mitchell so this is pretty basic knowledge.
Cards get brighter, you could find a new love. Letter ‘R’ who’s that?
At this point I was still in a relationship, I did find love later on and his name was Richard Blake Roberts. At the time I told the lady I didn’t know any guys in my circle that could be a ‘R’ but that would make sense now.
Trouble with Stomach.
Almost two years ago I had my only operation and it was on my stomach, I had a appendicitis.
Dad is watching over you, lots of people are with him and it happened near his birthday.
This made a lot of sense.
Going to college to study for a job.
I went to college to study Beauty Make Up Level 2 so that is correct.
Your talents have been wasted.
Unsure what that means.
New job, it will be out of the blue.
This is correct, I remember getting the job at Benefit Cosmetics and it literally all happened so fast from the telephone interview, auditions, store meetings to giving in my notice; it all happened within a week and unexpected as I originally thought my application had been unsuccessful.
Living by a railway.
There’s currently a railway track behind my house.
Life changes a lot, dramatically.
My life is completely different to where it was then but I think everyone’s does change over a course of a few years. But yes it is dramatically different.
Car Accident?
My two friends were in an serious car accident on to the way to my house.
Legal advice, somebody hurts hand.
My friend Laura who was involved in the car accident had lots of glass in her arm and it nearly killed her, they’ve both had legal advice as the accident wasn’t their fault.
You might live away in the future.
I no longer live in Newport.
Signing documents.
Maybe when I bought my house.
Blonde boy.
 Do you like surprises? as you got a lot to come.
Worrying about your love.
An upset over loss.
Did you an injustice, heads everywhere and doesn’t know what he wants.
All this definitely made sense afterwards. At the time I thought it was all mumbo jumbo but it makes sense now.
Concerns over someone who gambles.
My brother went through a gambling phase but got it sorted.
Going to a wedding.
My same brother got married.
You will live abroad.
Nope! And out of all the claims! I wish this one came true the most, I would love a cheeky condo in Malibu.
Funeral on the cards.
Unfortunately I did attend a funeral later on. However, I do think that many people will unfortunately attend a funeral at some point in their lives.
Something to do with Irish, pale lady not well, letter ‘N’. 
My lovely Nan was Irish. 
America, going to go there.
So far I havent visited America, however that’s all me and Blake have been talking about lately is booking to go to America but I don’t know how far into the future she was talking about and if it’s just a coincidence.

My verdict: Some of the things she said aren’t relevant to me such as visiting ‘The Tower Of London’ but when she mentioned about a new love and the letter ‘R’ I think that was quite a bold statement to make so I am shocked over that.

Have you ever visited a psychic? and if so, were they any good?


One thought on “Are psychics real? My past experience:

  1. Many years ago I went to see a psychic. She told me I would not get married but would have one child. I had been married for 18 years but didn’t wear a wedding ring so there was no sign that I was. I also had two children. I can’t remember anything else but needless to say I wasn’t convinced.


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