Dior National Conference 2016


Every year Dior send their employees to a national conference to discuss the exciting Christmas period and this year was extra special as I got to attend the Color Stylist conference, my group were very lucky as we watched an exclusive of the new Ja’dore advert before it aired on TV (which I’ll talk about later). This year we stayed at the South Lodge Hotel, Horsham. I went home feeling inspired, very special as Dior make every ambassador feel like VIPs and full of knowledge ready to advise my customers over Christmas with all the relevant information.


I stayed in the Ronnie Colbert suite and I googled to find out who Ronnie was and of course, he’s one of the gents from the ‘little Ronnies’ comedy! I also found an article about my room on the daily mail website which I thought was very cool.


When I took this picture a white object flew upwards (you can see it under the stairs) and I managed to catch it on camera, I didn’t want to take any more pictures with the flash on again just incase I saw anything I didn’t want too… I was staying on my own after all. Maybe it was Ronnie greeting to me in his suite.
Upstairs in my suite had this gorgeous bath tub, I couldn’t wait to get in!


Before the event we had 30 minutes to get ready, enough time for me to squeeze a bubble bath in!


While at the South Lodge we watched the brand new advert for Ja’dore, at this point it was an exclusive, it’s definitely my favourite advert so far as it features the brilliant music by Woodkid ‘ I Love You’ and I love the whole idea of luxury in nature.


I can only dream my wedding one day will look as beautiful as this.


Myself with THE Jamie Coombes (International Make Up Artist) and head of International Make Up Education at Dior, Lo’ren.


I’m the least Rock n’ Roll person ever when it comes to work, I’m always last to arrive at a party and always the first to leave. This was me in bed at 10.30pm!
We got to preview the christmas collection which arrives in Debenhams Cardiff on 2nd November. I’m not spoiling it for anyone but it’s my favourite one so far, it’s going to sell out so fast!

Before I worked at Dior I had never stayed at a five star hotel and now I’ve had the pleasure now of staying at yet another extraDiornary hotel at the South Lodge, I had a fab time and I will remember this experience for a very long time.


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