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My Highlights From NYFW Fall/Winter 2016.

I love the Summer, it’s my favourite season and I really hate when it comes to an end but the two things that get me out of my summertime sadness is the fact Christmas is on its way and also I really love Winter fashion. This week is New York fashion week and some top of the American designers are displaying what everyone will be wearing next season, scanning the top Instagram fashionistas and also online magazines – here are my top favourites from this week’s New York fashion shows.

Ralph Lauren cleverly display his collection outside his uptown flagship boutique in Madison Avenue than the usual downtown venues. The collection included classic Lauren style Western and Native American inspired prints as well a fitted leather jackets as sported by Kendall Jenner.

(Photo rights belong to Adventures Of Fred, Hashtag Legend, Ralph Lauren and also Fashion To Max )

With chokers being hot on trend at the moment, several models wore leather chokers that reflected Lauren’s signature Western belts and also cowboy inspired hats. I personally love that brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Ralph Lauren have all made a comeback recently – I love wearing Ralph Lauren as it’s a clean and smart brand that keeps bouncing back. And with the world constantly updating technology, after Ralph Lauren’s show the entire collection was immediately available from his flagship stores around the world and also at

(Photo rights belong to Vogue, Fashion To Max, Paris Social Diary and Fashion To Max)

At the Michael Kors show, the audience were surprised to a live performance of ‘Get Happy’ performed by Rufus Wainwright. Joan Smalls opened the show with a navy high slit dress teamed up with a bold brown leather belt and towering platform sandals. Although a winter collection, flowers were very much a running theme through the entire collection as well as swim wear.
I like the fact Kors had both women and men models during the show so there was something for everyone. And the main thing that stole the show and also all the headlines was when model Bella Hadid fell during her runway walk but as the true professional that is Bella, she quickly got up and carried on. I’m not a massive fan of Michael Kors but this collection is gorgeous and some of the creations are very sharp.

My favourite make up looks were from the shows by Anna Sui and DKNY who’s models wore burgundy eyeshadow and dark vamp lips which included dark glitter, I can’t wait to see these looks over the next few months.

(Photo rights below to Anna Sui and DKNY)

What’s your favourite thing about winter? and do you have a favourite item of fashion that you love to get out during the cold weather? Let me know via the comments section.

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