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I got lip injections: read why I got my lips done here.


I have always wanted my top lip done as it was non existent compared to my bottom lip so I’m so happy now that they look more even. I was supposed to have it done around two years ago but I chickened out when I got to the clinic so this time I had the attitude “Its now or never” and I’m really glad I just went a long and just did it.

I went to Doctor Ray at Visual Contour just off Newport Road in central Cardiff, Ray has over 10 years experience doing lips/botox and advised me to go for only 0.5ml for my first experience as it will be much more natural and if I wanted to go bigger then I could later on. While chatting to Ray she was telling me that she’s lost clients through refusing to make their lips look fake so it was good to know she takes pride in her reputation and would never make me look silly.

I went with my friend Emma who also got the same procedure, while waiting to see Ray the nurse applied some anaesthetic numbing cream which felt cold while setting and a bit strange that I couldn’t fell my lip, I actually liked it. The lip filler Ray uses has a built in anaesthetic so after my consultation she went ahead and applied a bit at a time, the pain I would say is about 4/10 but then I wouldn’t call it a pain, its kind of like when you have your ears pierced and your eyes water.

When I saw the results in the mirror, that was it, I couldn’t stop checking out my new lips! The filler is designed to last up to a year and I would definitely go back to Ray as she’s a true professional.

Blake hated the fact I had them done and couldn’t stop complaining that he doesn’t want me to go down the ‘fake look’ route, I totally get why he would be concerned but I don’t think he got why I did it until I looked in the mirror one morning while getting ready and I just said ‘Wow, I haven’t felt this happy with the way I look in at least a year!’, getting lip injections isn’t about being a fake person, it’s about enhancing something you dislike and improving your confidence at the same.

If something small improves someone’s confidence then surely that’s only a healthy thing?

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