Beauty 101!

Foundation 101: Do’s and Dont’s!

Here are some top tips in finding your perfect foundation. They maybe basic if you’re already a make up addict but I’ve written everything down I can think of so hopefully there is something for everyone to take away from the post.

✔️ First identify your skin tone – are you more warm or cool toned. Go for more pink tones if you’re cool toned and more yellow if you’re warm. I personally like neutral tones as its bit of both.

❌ Don’t go for a full coverage if you have great skin with little breakouts. Grab a decent concealer to hide the breakouts and use a foundation for your skin all over to cover any redness so enhance your skin rather than cover. Use concealer on top of foundation.

✔️ Dewy or Matte? Dewy is luminous which looks great on more normal to dry as it creates a hydrated look and Matte is more of a flat look with no shine, it looks great on camera and is good for people with more normal to oily skin.

❌ Don’t use your fingers – although there is no rules, try using a backstage blender or foundation brush just to see what it’s like. I promise you that your actual foundation bottle will last longer as I feel like foundation absorbs more into our finger tips so you get less product for your money using your fingers.

✔️ Get a foundation with a high SPF – it’s a no brainer to protect your skin from sun damage as its the most ageing thing that you can expose your skin too. When picking a foundation just make sure it doesn’t have flash back. I’m not going to name names but a lot of old school foundations that are double the wear would look great in person but in photos would create a whitening effect which is dubbed ‘Flashback’. However these days with the latest foundation technology they shouldn’t have flashback. Pardon the plug but for the record all Dior foundations don’t include any flashback as they’re made for on the runway so they look great on camera making them perfect for weddings, photo shoots, etc.

❌ You don’t NEED primer – With some foundations they’re 16 hour wear so you don’t need to use primer to make it last longer. I wear a pore minimising primer as I have enlarged pores which makes my foundation look even better and if I get dry skin I use a bit of forever primer which makes the foundation glide onto the skin but if I’m honest I don’t always need primer, I know of pore refining foundations and also ones that have serum in them. It’s all down to what your foundation can already do for your skin.

✔️ Always match your foundation to the side of your face preferably to your jaw line not your hands to avoid that dreaded foundation line on your jaw. Swatch a couple of colour options to find the perfect one for you, you may want to either achieve the exact colour or a warmer option if you’re partial to a bit of fake tan on the weekend.

❌ Be careful to use powder straight away – I mean don’t go straight in with blusher or bronzer as it will create an intensified blusher effect or even a muddy bronzer effect. If you’re in a rush and you can’t wait before the foundation to dry then use a translucent powder to ensure the foundation is all set ready for any powders.

If you’ve enjoyed these quick tips, let me know and maybe I can do some more other ‘beauty 101’ posts. Also write in the comments any tips of your own if you can think of any I’ve missed!

Ant x


4 thoughts on “Foundation 101: Do’s and Dont’s!

  1. What really annoys me when people go for foundation is when they refuse to try it on first. What color will be on your hand will be different to your face. Then they put it on at home and find that the foundation doesnt match. It only takes a minute to be color matched x


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