Beauty 101!

Beauty Artist 101: How To Get A Job As A Retail Make Up Artist!

How to get a job as a retail make up artist.


I get asked quite frequently on tips regarding getting a job as a retail make up artist. I’m not claiming to be an expert neither will I guarantee to get you a job from just reading this blog article but it will hopefully just give you an idea of what is expected and you will be able to take a few pointers to help you with any future applications. I also wanted to do this blog post as when I started out in the industry I wish I had came across these tips as it would have given me a better in sight so I hope this post helps someone with their future.

πŸ’„ Everyone has to start somewhere so don’t worry if you don’t know a lot yet. The greatest thing about being a make up artist is you can never fully learn everything and there is always a new trend or trick that you can learn. Always be willing to learn and don’t worry if you don’t know a lot yet, nobody is born a superstar – you’ve got to work for it! There’s lots of information to educate yourself just look on the Internet with websites such as YouTube you can learn step by step and there is so many books on cosmetics out there, I highly recommend Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin & Make Up by Rae Morris.

πŸ’„ First, focus on your CV – make sure everything on your application/C.V is relevant to the position you’ve applied for.

🚫 Don’t print multiple CVs and give the same one to every counter in the beauty hall, this won’t show your passion for the brand as it looks like you want any make up counter job which might be the truth but the reality is that a make up company will want you to be loyal to them.

πŸ’„ Get make up experience of any kind – it’s not essential as some brands like to train you from scratch but it helps. I started out by doing an evening make up course for a year which enabled me to learn the basics and also the importance of hygiene, make up application, etc! I also sold Avon to get cosmetic selling experience on my CV, I would give out Avon catalogues in my work’s canteen while working at Asda. I did just about anything to show my passion and I also did anyone and their nan’s make up who would let me practise.

🚫 Don’t be a time waster – I remember being at my first audition for Benefit cosmetics and some of the girls in our group interview openly admitted ‘I don’t like Benefit make up, this is my foot in the door for Mac’ and let’s just say they didn’t get the job. It’s okay to have a dream counter in mind but if you have a audition for another brand then at least act like you want to work for them otherwise they’ll see you as a waste of investment and disrespectful of their brand. Work your hardest for them, get the experience then move on respectfully.

πŸ’„ Research – do your research on the history of the brand, how it started, get to know some of their best sellers before hand and if you really want to impress them then try to remember any facts about their products like what was their first ever product launch, what’s the story behind a certain product and any key product ingredients.

πŸ’„ Selling experience – This is just as important as your make up skills after all the beauty industry is just like any industry, it’s there to generate money. Imagine the entertainment industry as an example, Britney Spears is very likeable, she doesn’t sing live much but people pay a lot of money for her experience at Las Vegas. People relate to Britney as she’s real and people buy from real people. Some of the most successful make up artists are better at selling their products rather than creating the most greatest pieces of art.

πŸ’„ Brand yourself – Think about why should they invest their training and time into you… The most important product you’ll ever need to sell in life is yourself so know your strengths and have confidence. Building a following on social media is also an added bonus as social media is so important these days and brands will love it if you have a loyal following.

πŸ’„ Customer service – This is vital on the more luxury brands as giving customers that exceptional experience is what they stand for.

πŸ’„ If you have a brand in mind for example Urban Decay then make yourself known with the artists on counter, go to their workshops and introduce yourself because sometimes raising your profile may give you that advantage.

πŸ’„ A good way of getting your foot in the door is getting a job at a Department store such as a fragrance consultant for example, that way when you’ve been there a while you would have chatted to people who work on the beauty department and they maybe able to let you know when there is a position going.

Hope these tips help you in the future and remember; confidence and passion is the key! If you have these two then you’re do wonders.

Good Luck, Gorgeous!


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