Beauty 101!

Mascara 101: Do’s and Don’ts!


I’m back again with another beauty 101 post, I got quite a decent response from my last article all about tips and tricks in finding the perfect foundation so I decided to create another 101 article but this time it’s all about the mascara! My tips are very basic so if your already a mascara junkie you may already know a lot of this information but hopefully everyone can take a little something from the article if you’re a beginner or pro.

✔️ It’s all about the wand! Due to FDA regulations mascara formulas haven’t transformed in the past several decades as much as the wands and it really is all about the technology in the mascara wand which makes the biggest difference in my opinion. So have a little play and discover which type you love the most, I love the more smaller brushes as you get even the tiniest lashes.

❌ Don’t forget to take off your mascara at night as wearing it to bed can cause the lashes to weaken over time and then eventually fall off so its best to be safe than sorry! Give your lashes a relax while you sleep and to encourage growth use a lash serum or moisturiser as a treatment.

✔️ I actually like both wands but you may find you prefer either a plastic or a traditional twisted wire brush.

❌ Don’t pump the mascara wand in and out of the product before you use it as it lets air inside which dries the mascara a lot faster.

✔️ Use a mascara primer to get the best results from your mascara.

❌ “If it doesn’t kiss, then give it a miss!” When you pull the mascara wand out of the product, if it doesn’t make a kissing sound then it’s time to throw the dried up product away.

✔️ Using a very small defining brush, use it to collect some mascara product from the wand then using your defining brush stroke it directly onto the lashes. This is what the professional make up artists do to create a dramatic false lash effect on photo shoots, I was recently taught this tip from Adam Sidwell who is a genius at anything Make Up.

❌ Don’t keep a opened mascara for no longer than 6 months.

✔️ Use an eyelash curler before your mascara to create the ultimate lift!

❌ Don’t let coloured mascara’s scare you off as blue mascara’s make the whites of your eyes stand out more and purple will really compliment green eyes so give them a try, you might be surprised.

✔️ To get the maximum effect – try applying mascara over the top of your lashes then under and don’t forget to give the wand a little wiggle as you apply.

❌ Don’t forget to blink! It hurts so much when you concentrate for a while and you forget to blink so make sure you flutter those lashes when applying.

✔️ Most mascara’s are water resistant but if you still find your mascara is running around your eyes then grab a water proof version. When using any waterproof make up always use a oil based eye make up remover to take it off afterwards as oil dilutes the waterproof formular.

❌ Girls love to share their make up but its best you kept mascara to yourself as used wands contain bacteria which can lead to eye infections when cross contaminated.

✔️ Put your dried up mascara on the radiator to warm the formulae back to liquid.

❌ Don’t spit on your wand if the mascara has become dry, it’s extremely unhygienic.

Author’s side note:

I personally think mascara is so important as it makes such a big difference to your whole appearance. I sometimes don’t like to wear too much mascara on myself as I think it’s one of the only products that can make me look too feminine for my taste so I can totally see why women love wearing it as it makes you look incredibly pretty.

I did some research and it is widely thought that the word mascara is most likely based on the same Spanish word “màscara” which means mask/stain. Mascara can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt around 4000 BC.

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed reading this article,

Ant x


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