How I Made The Perfect Lip Balm Using Things You’ll Find Lying Around Your House!

Today I sorted out my make up draws and decided to give a whole new life to my unloved lip products.13090474_10156899249580051_67445608_n

I used 4 products altogether, I melted a sheer pink lipstick using a metal spoon over a burning candle then I carefully added a tiny bit of blue lipgloss (as blue tones make your teeth appear more white) I also added Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (for its amazing treatment properties) and finished off my concoction with a few drops of a lip tint (to make it long lasting). I mixed it all together and then poured it into a mini sample pot but you could pretty much use anything including an old lipstick tube. Although the picture (right) looks quite vibrant and bright, the actual colour of the lip balm is more of a subtle natural pink and would be perfect for when I have a tan on holiday. I’m really happy with the end result and the texture is so soft and silky, it feels just like an expensive lip treatment. I’m definitely going to try and make some more for my friends to try out.

I used Eight Hour cream for my choice of lip treatment as thats what I had lying around but you can use other house hold products such as vaseline, coconut oil and I’m actually thinking of using some Aloe Gel next time! You could even add granulated sugar to make a exfoliating lip scrub and also add some of your sun factor to protect your lips from harmful rays. You could choose it make it fragranced by using a few drops of essential oils and if you wanted to change the colour of the balm then you could use food colouring or with mineral make up, the possibilities are endless.

I hope my idea gave you some inspiration to revive those forgotten lip products and I hope you give them a whole new life in your make up bag, have fun mixing!

Ant x


2 thoughts on “How I Made The Perfect Lip Balm Using Things You’ll Find Lying Around Your House!

  1. I think you may be on to something with the Aloe. I bought a lip balm in Barbados years ago that had an Aloe base. Great for when you need to protect lips from the sun.


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