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My Monthly Faves!

Here are some of my favourite picks that I’m loving this month, none of these are sponsored and are my true honest opinion.

HydraLife BB Creme by Dior (£42, 50ml)

I know it’s properly a bit cringe choosing a product from the brand I work for but hand on heart I would choose this product as a monthly favourite even if I didn’t work for Dior as I love it! For the past two years my favourite foundation has been Hello Flawless from Benefit because it’s very dewy and also very natural but goodbye flawless – there’s a new go-to product in my routine! Even though it is a BB Creme, it gives great coverage, it has a broad spectrum of SPF 35 PA+++ and I love the packaging too!

Pineapple Yankee Candle (£22)

I love having candles and room refreshers in the house as having two little Chihuahua’s can make you really paranoid that the house is going to start smelling, that’s last thing I want!
The summer is my favourite season of the year so I love anything that reminds me of my holidays so anything pineapple and coconut will put me into a good mood and take me back to sipping cocktails in the sun so my favourite Yankee candle is the Pineapple, I think I’m on my forth jar now and it’s perfect because it matches my green living room too.

Alpecin Shampoo (£6)

This is the shampoo that the advert on TV claims ‘5 million bottles sold in Germany’ and I can see why because it really does make my hair feel more thick. When I recently went to my hair dresser this week she commented on how thick my hair has become since I last saw her, I love anything that makes my thinning hair appear more thick so that’s why it’s one of my monthly favourites.

Smule APP (Free for 7 days)

Oh my days, this app is so much fun! It’s basically a karaoke application which is available on most phone devices but the best part about it is that when your singing it corrects it so through your headphones you sound like Mariah Carey when in reality you sound more like a cat in agony…Or maybe that’s just my singing! You can also duet with your friends which is a good laugh after a few glasses of prosecco!

Starbucks Frappe (£4)

The sun has started peaking through those pesky clouds so that alone qualifies as an excuse to have a frozen drink in cold February right? Anyway I love starbucks frappe’s and I recently had my first one of 2016. I know that other companies like MC Donald’s do their version now but nothing will beat the real deal and last year I posted a few pictures on Instagram of my visits to Starbucks and how they always get my name wrong when they write on the cup, one time they wrote ‘Martim’ which sounds nothing like ‘Anthony’ hehe!

If there is anything that you’re currently loving and want to recommend to me to try out then let me know via Instagram @AntCouture as I love a good recommendation!


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