Monthly Faves!

Monthly Faves!

imageMonthly Faves:
Here are some of my favourite picks that I’m loving this month, none of these are sponsored and are my true honest opinion.
Protein World – The Slender Blend (£64)

I’m back on my protein shakes and I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who’s looking for a quick fix in losing weight. I’m not happy in myself lately and when your clothes don’t feel right then I think it’s time for a change.
Magic Wrap – I love this lunch bar in Cardiff, they make the best wraps and it’s a much healthier option than say going to Mc Donald’s for lunch.
Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (£26) – Elizabeth Arden actually invented this medicine cream for her wounded Horse and is now used for many other things. I’ve recently started seeing eczema appear on my joints so this has worked wonders on helping get rid of the problem, love the stuff!
Justin Bieber – Purpose (available on ITunes now) – I am absolutely loving listening to Justin’s new album, I’ve been blasting it while going to work every day and I definitely think it’s some of his best work.
Casio Watch (£40) – I love my Casio watch, it’s so basic and simple that it’s perfect for work and everyday. I think I’m growing up with my personal style, I’m starting to move away from having flashy names and sometimes a plain fitted t shirt and skinny jeans is all you need, style isn’t all about the price – it’s about quality and what suits you best.
If you have anything that you’re currently loving and want to recommend to me to try out then let me know via Instagram @AntCouture as I love a good recommendation!


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