Getting Personal!

I’m Engaged!

imageI’m engaged!!! … Usually when I go on a trip, holiday or whatever with Blake – we always go for food at TGIs the day before so when he said he’d booked our favourite Italian as his treat I thought nothing of it as we always do little treats for each other now and then… when we got home from the meal, I opened the living room door and first thing I thought was OMG the living room is on fire! 🔥🔥🔥 then I realised it was a load of candles and everything else was a fast blur, I saw Sasha was in a little wedding dress and I turned around and Blake was on his knees with a ring, it was so perfect and obviously I said YES! It was so nice because I choose that ring as my dream ring when we were out shopping a few months back, I never thought one moment I would actually have it and it was lush that Sasha was in on the whole thing, I love telling everyone Blake is my fiancé – like when we was on holiday this lady said ‘aww aren’t you cute, all the boys will be after you tonight’ and I turned around and said ‘I’m engaged don’t you know!!’ Loving life 😎💍🐶👬


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