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Dior National Conference Glasgow 2015


Dior National Conference Glasgow 2015
I’ve only been with the company for two weeks so I was genuinely honoured to be invited to Dior’s National Conference in Glasgow. It definitely has to be the most glamorous event that I’ve ever attended, it made me feel so inspired and honoured to be working for the number one luxury brand in the world. I’ve never stayed in a five star hotel before either so it was an experience I will never forget and I was so lucky to have a suite all to myself and the spooky thing was that I only mentioned to someone the day before that me and the late Christian Dior have in common that number 8 is my lucky number then I get my room key and it was only number 8 – I definitely believe in signs. I can’t wait for the future and I’m so lucky I get to work with the most beautiful make up in the beauty industry. I most definitely J’adore Dior! #LivingTheDream


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