Product Review!

CocoWhites – Product Review

image.jpgHeard of Cocowhite? Here’s my quick review and i’m asking does it really make your teeth more white… After seeing all the celebs plug it on Instagram I thought I would give it a bash as I had a holiday in two weeks time and do you know what I’ve tried other teeth whitening products before but this one got my attention as its not harsh on teeth and seemed to be more of a healthy alternative. What is Cocowhite? It’s basically Coconut oil but without the horrible taste you normally get from the regular Coconut Oil, I bought a box of 14 mint flavour for around £20 from their official website. I couldn’t fault the delivery, it arrived in no time. I used it every night for 15 minutes, I must admit the texture made me gag so many times but after a while I did get used to it – Blake also did it with me and I noticed his teeth went really white, mine went slightly more white than they normally are but not Simon Cowell white but then what can you expect from a £20 whitening product? – The only warning I will give you is that one morning my sink in the bathroom was blocked from me and Blake spitting it out the night before as Coconut Oil does solidify when it cools down. So does Cocowhite actually work? Well I felt like it cleaned my teeth more than anything but I would definitely repurchase and I would recommend it to a friend. Ant Couture Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5


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